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Long history in the bicycle safety world. League Cycling Instructor and expert witness in human behavior in traffic.

Parking a Trike or Two

Trikes take up more space than bicycles, at least more width. Finding a good place to park and lock a trike can be a little challanging but we have found some tricks that make trike parking easier. Infrastucture Standard spacing … Continue reading

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Trike rides for Elders

Wow, I’ve just found the web site and the program to give trike rides to elders…FREE!!! Ani and I just picked up two trikes and found a place to store them. First ride by Rob and Cynthia was a … Continue reading

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Diverging Diamonds are a cyclist’s worst enemy.

Introduction Diverging Diamond Intersections (DDI) are a recent innovation in intersection treatment to speed up the flow of traffic and reduce conflicts where two major highways intersect. DDIs are a very effective method to reduce crashes and smooth the flow … Continue reading

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Why advocates should wear helmets

At the risk of starting a helmet war…I want to make my position about helmets and their use by advocates very clear. Recently one of the top bicycle advocates in our community rode in a community ride without a helmet. … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to ride in the dark…

My name is Preston and I am a bike light addict. One time my wife pointed out the three headlights and four tail lights scattered around my bike and body and suggested that I had more money in lights then … Continue reading

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When is running a Red Light OK?

I’ve been enjoying my time downtown but also have been much closer to the action when it comes to cyclist behavior. I have put up a short (minute and a half) video with a couple of red light running situations … Continue reading

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Railroad Tracks need to be crossed at right angles

We recently looked at some crossings on the Cap Metro Red Line Metro Rail with the intent of determining which ones needed work to make them safe for cyclists. When rails cross perpendicular (at a right angle, square) to the … Continue reading

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Trails, Urban Trails and Roads.

As a skilled and experienced cyclist I am capable of riding on pretty much any road. I’ve got video of riding in high speed traffic and the motorists doing just what we teach, waiting or moving to the other lane. … Continue reading

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Dangerous, redux

After someone asked about the front view I rode into town on the same route with a short detour to have lunch with Miller Nuttle of Bike Austin. Here is the front view of riding in Austin at 11:00 Tuesday … Continue reading

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Downtown is dangerous

When people find out I ride downtown they generally look at me funny and then tell me they would never ride downtown because it is too dangerous. Just to see if it really was true I put my trusty GoPro … Continue reading

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