Weather and Travel

Today is mild (69) and grey in Alexandria where I am staying but just wait. Tonight it will start raining and the temperature is headed below freezing. Should have sleet and freezing rain to lay a nice base of ice before it all turns to snow by day break on Monday. I may not make it into the hotel for the women’s Forum on Monday.

Should be clear but cold on Tuesday with a low in single digits overnight. We should be able to get into the hotel for the Summit events that will be taking place. Wednesday we will be on capital hill talking with staff and congress members and the weather will be cold but clear. Travel should be good.

A bike ride is scheduled for Thursday, but I am a weather wimp and really don’t like riding when it is near freezing. More power to those of you who commute when the temperatures are in minus digits.

To balance the high of the bike summit will be services for my older brother. He was a career Naval officer and served in Vietnam aboard carriers. We will miss him and his great joy of life. He was my hero growing up. His 74th birthday was yesterday.

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Long history in the bicycle safety world. League Cycling Instructor and expert witness in human behavior in traffic.
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