Manslaughter charges filed in San Francisco

It appears that the prosecutor in San Francisco is charging a cyclist with manslaughter for crashing into a pedestrian who subsequently died of injuries sustained in the crash. I think the following facts are true…

Cyclist ran a red light on a fixed gear bike.

I am torn between cheering and wailing.

Just as we demand justice for cyclists who are hit by motorists driving onto the shoulder I think we should demand justice when a cyclist makes an unsafe decision and someone else is hurt or killed.

On the other hand…is the felony charge of manslaughter the proper charge? What does it accomplish? Is putting this cyclist in jail for years going to make a difference when the next cyclist buys a fixed gear bike and rides it down a hill through a red light into a pedestrian crosswalk filled with people? The prosecutor says:

“I’m hoping this case serves to raise awareness that rules of the road apply to everyone,” Gascon [prosecutor] said in a news conference Thursday.

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I would love to start a rational conversation here and will delete any comments that get away from civil discourse.

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1 Response to Manslaughter charges filed in San Francisco

  1. Tim says:

    Interesting quote. I’m wondering what this prosecutor’s record is with motor vehicles violations that result in the same.

    I’m similarly torn.

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