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Cycle Tracks Austin

Cycle-Tracks, the old and the new in Austin, Texas Anyone who has ridden Austin’s first attempt at a cycle-track, the 20-year-old two way bike lane on Great Northern, can be forgiven for being skeptical about Austin’s cycle-tracks. Built along the … Continue reading

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We have met the enemy…

I’ve recently had the pleasure of spending some time talking with the transit operators at CapMetro, the local transit company in Austin, Texas. It has been educational for me in many ways but mostly I was surprised at how much … Continue reading

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Both Hands

I was in Denver on business recently and had a chance to ride the Cherry Creek trail. On the one hand, the trail was smooth wide, concrete trail paralleling the creek and the busy road on either side. On the … Continue reading

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Manslaughter charges filed in San Francisco

It appears that the prosecutor in San Francisco is charging a cyclist with manslaughter for crashing into a pedestrian who subsequently died of injuries sustained in the crash. I think the following facts are true… Cyclist ran a red light … Continue reading

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What is Advocacy

Just to keep it straight, we’re talking cycling advocacy here, and now I’ll do the dictionary definition. ad·vo·ca·cy n. The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support. The American … Continue reading

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Paired Sharrows

It is wonderful to live in a city where the elected officials, the public works administration and the community works together to create change that benefits all road users. In Austin, TX one of the changes that has made life … Continue reading

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Road Diets: Austin

Austin has lots of wide streets. As is common in most cities, particularly in the South, where population growth has been rapid since the end of World War II, Austin has lots of suburbs with wide streets. Neighborhood collectors of … Continue reading

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